The 7th International Conference on Laser Peening and Related Phenomena was held in National University of Singapore from 17th June to 22nd June, 2018. The conference has been attended by about 200 experts from 40 institutes around the world, such as Airbus, Curtiss-Wright, LSPT, Institute for Molecular Science (Japan), ARTC(Singapore) and Tyrida (China), etc,. It is first time for Tyrida to disclose its in-house developed advancing LSP technology and equipment on international stage, and on-site visitors have indicated strong interests on Tyrida’s products.

Laser shock peening, as one of the most advanced metal surface enhancement method, has attracted broader concerns around the world with its great economic value and social benefits. Only can GE, LSPT, Curtis-Wright and Tyirda realize the commercial industrialization of LSP technology in the world.

On 17 June 2018, Dr. Wong Chow Cher, Director of Surface Enhancement Department in ARTC, introduced Tyrida’s unique LSP equipment to visitors in the opening ceremony. In addition, Tyrida’s unique product made a stage pose in front of the visitors during the tour visit in ARTC factory. Most of the visitors were interesting into LSP research and development and their queries were explained in details by Tyrida’s technical director on site.

With 10 years research and development in LSP industry, Tyrida, a new brand of the top-end manufacturing industry in China, has stepped onto the international stade. Not only do Tyrida represent the international advancing level of LSP development, but also change the industrial pattern.

The 8th LSP international conference will be held in Shanghai, China, and Tyrida will bring you with innovative products.